Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Tools for web based teachers: Hope you have a lot of time on your hands.

www.blabberize.com (Making fun stuff to make class more interesting.)

www.google.com (I love Gmail, google sites, docs and reader is also great.)

www.wetpaint.com (Create a web page about anything you like)


www.voicethreads.com (Speak to the nation, let your voice be heard)

www.twitter.com (Great way to start a personal learning community)

www.zoomerang.com (Creating web based surveys)

jeopardylabs.com (Create your own Jeopardy games.)

www.enotes.com (Educational resource for millions of teacher and students. Blogs, guides and Lesson plans.)

www.sliderocket.com (Presentations on the web)

www.crickweb.co.uk (Educational interactive resources)
www.edmodo.com (Like facebook but for educators and students)

www.kerpoof.com (Site for children through a suite of activities that are enriching)

www.edumacnation.com (Site dedicated to sharing news, information, and tutorials related to Apple products.)

www.glogster.com/ (Share your creativity with friends, create a glog today. Like an electronic poster.)

portableapps.com (PC applications when and where you need them.)

www.twine.com (Collect content and connect with people who share your interests.)

www.ning.com (Create your own social network) Awesome!

www.diigo.com (Don't just bookmark! Highlight the web! Add sticky notes too!)

qik.com (Qik enables you to share your moments live with your friends, family and the world—right from your mobile phone!)

http://www.testdesigner.com/ (Printable tests and worksheets made easy)

www.wimba.com (Present a topic online, ask guest to come on listen live)

www.angellearning.com (Learning management suite)

www.toondoo.com (Create your own comic strips, Publish, Share & Discuss)

www.goodreads.com (Find, share good books with friends, even form your own club.)

www.onlinecharttool.com (Yes, create charts to use)

http://prezi.com/ (Let's you create zooming presentations)

www.befunky.com (Turn your photos into incredible artwork with one click)

scribblar.com (Onine collaberation tool)

http://www.jingproject.com/ (Screen capture, record video of your screen actions, and more.)

http://gamequarium.org/ (Learning game for anybody)

http://classtools.net/ (Tools to use during class, timers, random name picker, etc.)

http://www.surveymonkey.com (Make your own Survey to use in class)

http://preezo.com/ (Online presentation tools)

www.epals.com (Largest global community of connected classrooms)

Welcome - My Goal, Total Focus on where the bus should go. (Adoration, Action, & Adventure)

This past year I read the book called the "Energy Bus". Realizing that life needs to be driven in the correct direction, I have decided to make sure that my bus is going where I want it to go. This web page is my attempt to log where the bus has gone, as well as to focus on where the bus needs to go.

I wish to acknowledge my wife Tamara. What a great women. I am blessed to have this special individual who choose to take her bus beside mine. It's great to have another bus beside you. Thanks again.

I have a great job/career. But what's the next step. I'm a life long learner, that will stay of the positive side of life. What should I be focusing on? My answer so far:
"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4: 11b - 13, NIV.