Friday, May 8, 2009

Web 2.0 Tools Great but limited use.

So many tools, so few users in my school. When I talk about picnik, voicethreads and diigo students and staff seem to think that I'm speaking another language.

Dave Nagel in his online jounal found at states, "While K-12 district administrators are "overwhelmingly positive" about the value of Web 2.0 in schools, the use of Web 2.0 tools in actual learning environments is "quite limited," and I agree.

Like any other tool there is a learning curve. We must first get the news out. Yesterday I placed a blog on my students .ning learning network, notice the term "learning network" over "social network" about the use of the online photo editing tool called picnik, which is found at Ten minutes later as I walked around the classroom, I noticed a student editing a photo. Yes, he was using picnik. Asking were he found the site he said the learning network. Wow. Bingo. Fireworks. These tools do work.

Once people are aware of the tools, the use comes natural. They are great tools. So start talking the web 2.0 language. Would you say this, "It's time to open moodle. Today's projects is to create a RSS feed. You will use this RSS feed to write your own blog in NING." Confused yet? After this statement, My 7th grade student, got to work, creating, sharing, editing and in general learning. "HOW COOL IS THAT?"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Roller Coaster!

"Life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes you're on the top, others you're down low. Just remember to hang on and enjoy the ride. "This is my philosophy in life. I have such highs and lows, but in general love the ride of life.

So I reach inside and say, "live life with adoration, with action, with adventure, and excitement. Write poems, laugh, cry, and share. Your life is worth it."

Is Educational Athletes Worth it?

I really don't know? I thought that High School Athletics was worth the price, but am beginning to think different. I still believe, but stories from the playing fields are beginning to erode my confidence. Take for example, the coach that mentioned to the team that none of them have the talent to play in college? How about the coach that when behind by 21 points in the state finals, didn't play all the seniors? Is this what educational athletics is about? Failure, non-participation.

If we are going to spend educational money on athletics, shouldn't all people get the chance to participate and play. If educational athletics is so good, why then do we cut people off teams. Isn't sports participation good for everybody? Many questions, so few answers. I wonder what the MHSAA would say? One of my goals in life is to become an Athletic Director. I know, I would be a good one, because I care about all kids. Not only the top athletes. Let's get the most out of our educational money. Firm up the vision, share that vision with the coaches, and then lets make sports worth it, for student/athletes and the people that pay for it.

Great or Not So Great Ideas - Just Share.

I'm in the mode that sometimes my thoughts run faster than I can get a handle on what I'm thinking. I have great ideas, questions, comments but find that I think, but never get them on paper or on the web. Then they are lost forever. So here is my Idea page. I'm posting my thoughts, feel free to comment, share, make me think more. Isn't this what Web 2.0 is all about.

1) Why shouldn't all students have laptops in schools? Wouldn't with proper use this be a great tool to motivate and learn with.

2) How are some kids so motivated to learn and others don't really care?

3) Prediction: In 5 years newspapers will do most of there creation and publication on the web.

4) Prediction: In 5 years our TV sets will be a combination of phone, internet and TV. We won't need separate devices.