Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Twitter Empowered People with great educational best practices.

  1. SimpleK12 50 Awesome ways to use Skype in the Classroom http://tinyurl.com/kooc3r #edtech from TweetDeck

  2. David Peterdpeter I've found that I can subscribe to Blog RSS feeds, aggregate them in Google Reader, add my own tags, AND push them to Twitter, FriendFeed from web

  3. Xavier Lurtechxav 10 Years Down The Road – What Will Google Do? http://bit.ly/3EBJoZ (by a teen) from iTweet

  4. Kimberly Hulbertschulbert Check out Ed Tech Start Ups on Linkedin. Great networking!! http://bit.ly/7IrAu #edtech #education #technology #Kimberly from web

  5. Kimberly Hulbertschulbert New whitepaper on the positive effects of elearning http://bit.ly/vw4q4 from web

  6. Naomi Harmnharm Livebinders- http://www.livebinders.com I Introduced this w/a group of teachers & over half are using it to org. content & share w/ students from web

  7. Scott Meechsmeech Latest Blog: A Representation of my thoughts on "Lifelong Learning with Technology" http://bit.ly/3ggUDj from twitterfeed

  8. Angela MaiersAngelaMaiers Free Technology for Teachers: Interactive Timeline of Space Exploration http://ow.ly/wJmi from HootSuite

  9. Maggie Verstermaggiev Thought I will remind you of this AMAZING FOSS (free and open source) collection of software. Cut a disk 4 your teachers. http://ow.ly/wOfa from HootSuite

  10. Roger Zuidemazmanrdz Nice online keyboarding resource. http://www.davis.k12.ut.us/... from web

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