Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twitter Prompted Writings

I love to look at the trending topics in twitter.  It's really interesting what people are talking about the most.  From the hashtag #idonotsupport, the world cup soccer tournament, to the recovery of the economy it gives you a sense of what is important to many people in the world today. 

In a recent computer assignment, I introduced this web tool called twitter to my students.   I love the concept of getting into the world conversation.  I love the power behind twitter's operation.  I'm still afraid to give Middle Schoolers twitter accounts, due to some of the nasty and obscene post, but I have found that the trending topics are great generators of blog posts.  Having students write about trending topics makes writing interesting, fun, and relevant.

Keep on twittering. Keep on Blogging. Engage in a world of trending twitter topic prompts.

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