Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is Educational Athletes Worth it?

I really don't know? I thought that High School Athletics was worth the price, but am beginning to think different. I still believe, but stories from the playing fields are beginning to erode my confidence. Take for example, the coach that mentioned to the team that none of them have the talent to play in college? How about the coach that when behind by 21 points in the state finals, didn't play all the seniors? Is this what educational athletics is about? Failure, non-participation.

If we are going to spend educational money on athletics, shouldn't all people get the chance to participate and play. If educational athletics is so good, why then do we cut people off teams. Isn't sports participation good for everybody? Many questions, so few answers. I wonder what the MHSAA would say? One of my goals in life is to become an Athletic Director. I know, I would be a good one, because I care about all kids. Not only the top athletes. Let's get the most out of our educational money. Firm up the vision, share that vision with the coaches, and then lets make sports worth it, for student/athletes and the people that pay for it.

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