Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top 5 educational "Things" I learned on twitter today, Tuesday, August 25

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What are we going to learn today? I ask this question daily before each class. The more I use the web microblogging tool Twitter, it is the question I ask before logging in. Twitter is a great tool for professional learning. To prove this, I have started this page/blog to track what I have leaned on Twitter proving to myself and others that it is worth the time. So here we go:

Twitter Empowered Teacher:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
@SuzanneWhisler RT @dcolon1968 The Science of Motivation http://bit.ly/TDu56 ("this for that, motivation techniques often do not work... So what is an effective motivation technique? Giving people autonomy and projects that they are vested-in is a much better motivation technique.")
@academicdave "technology isn't killing our ability to write. It's reviving it—and pushing our literacy in bold new directions" http://bit.ly/p6aiN (A shift in the way we write is giving more people that chance to share and collaborate than ever before.)
@EdTech4Me RT @chadratliff Very interesting piece WIRED: Making Geeks Cool Could Reform Education http://bit.ly/lHXX1 (@tvanderark) #geeksrcool (Make geeky cool and you would have a culture where learning is at the forefront.)
@joevans Reading Wired Up: Tuned out Today's D/N stus need a school enviro that both challenges +channels their tech-savvy brains. http://ow.ly/lebr (Yes our kids are more wired than ever before, how are we as teachers going to use these skills to help them be productive members of society?)
@EdTech4Me RT @coolcatteacher Blogged: #education Message to Educators: I Believe in You, Be An Angel of Kindness http://bit.ly/Ji3Ln (As educators we need some motivation and inspiration also.)

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