Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top educational "Things" I learned on twitter today. Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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What are we going to learn today? I ask this question daily before each class. The more I use the web microblogging tool Twitter, it is the question I ask before logging in. Twitter is a great tool for professional learning. To prove this, I have started this page/blog to track what I have leaned on Twitter proving to myself and others that it is worth the time. So here we go:

Twitter Empowered Teacher:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
@ShellTerrell RT @esolcourses: RT @russeltarr: Great tips on working with YouTube URLs (incl. embeddng only part of a video) : (Change the embeded youtube to what you really want the students to see)
@johnfaig iPhone/iPod Apps for K-12 via (Let's get students using the iphone/ipod for learning.)
@web20classroom Did you hear? You can now integrate video clips into your @animoto! (Animoto great tool, now using video clips.)
@kdwashburn Great insights & questions from @geraldaungst, Racing to Catch Up With the Past: #education ("Find ways inside the structure to start making changes toward a more student-centered, thinking- and problem-solving-oriented approach.")
lbraun2000 Hoping FB 2 Twitter integration makes it easier 2 promote fan page content on Twitter fd - just liek we do with blogs (May be a useful tool to many social media users.)
@ShellTerrell If you'd like an easy way to follow maj of members on #edchat check out via @RusselTarr (Tweet Clubs look really great, Can we use this in our classrooms?)

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