Monday, August 31, 2009

Top educational "things" I have learned on Twitter today, Monday, August 31

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What are we going to learn today? I ask this question daily before each class. The more I use the web microblogging tool Twitter, it is the question I ask before logging in. Twitter is a great tool for professional learning. To prove this, I have started this page/blog to track what I have leaned on Twitter proving to myself and others that it is worth the time. So here we go:

Twitter Empowered Teacher:

Monday, Augsut 31, 2009

@keisawilliams RT @TeachaKidd Download over 1M public domain books from Google books. (Very interested in digital books. Looks like a good resource.)
@RichWhite Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet --- ...NOOOOOO (Go intent, just wondering if it's the right thing.)
@rkiker RT @russeltarr: Vocaroo is a great recording tool. Easy peasy. (First time I have heard of Vacaroo. Looks like a easy tool.)
@web20classroom Study Tips For Students From Google... (Digital education at it's best.)
@coletteamber RT @fisher1000: Google Docs in class | Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age via (I love google docs. Always great to learn more ways to use.)

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